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ALTIUS Broadband Cellular Solutions

ALTIUS Broadband also provides products and services that enable the use of cellular phones within a building. ALTIUS designs and integrates a comprehensive line of products devised to make indoor wireless coverage possible. We specialize in residential and small business applications.

Solutions for your House

The ALTIUS In-Home Repeater is designed to improve cellular reception for all types of service including GSM, CDMA and TDMA operating on the Cellular (824-894 MHz) band, which is also called GSM850 and the PCS (1850-1990 MHz) band. This system is designed to improve the cellular signal in area of less then 3,000 sq. ft. Our Home Repeater system will allow you to use your cell phone within a building with clarity and quality.

The ALTIUS Dual Band Home Repeater system takes the signal from an external antenna mounted outside a building, amplifies it and rebroadcasts it to the interior of the building with an indoor antenna. The same process occurs in the opposite direction taking the signal from the cell phone and sending it outside via the antenna and amplifier.

Solutions for your Small Business

You depend on wireless technology for the success of your small business so of course you want your cell phones and PDAs to work indoors. ALTIUS makes sure they work reliably with our wireless indoor coverage systems.

ALTIUS Solution Benefits

  • Carrier-approved and network friendly
  • Everything you need for quick deployment in an out-of-the-box solution
  • Adaptive so they always maintain a consistent coverage area in your building
  • Once installed its maintenance free set it and forget it

Benefits to You the Small Office User

  • You can finally cut the cord and go completely wireless!
  • You're reachable when you have to be, with reliable voice coverage
  • You can leverage advanced 3G data technologies and ensure that your high speed wireless data service is truly high speed
  • Connectivity, Reliability, Productivity

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ALTIUS expands into the gulf coast with acquisition of Florida service provider
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